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Launched in July 2010 by Lisa Campbell, Investor Conferences is dedicated to supporting private investors and traders by providing independent training and education, and facilitating access to the companies supplying relevant products and services, and potential investment opportunities.
The launch event, the London Investor Show, runs each year in October and attracts an audience of around 2000/2500 high net worth investors. Subsequent events include the London Forex Show (for active traders), the Manchester Investor Show (covering both investing and trading) and the London CryptoCurrency Show (the latest addition, launched to meet demand from investors and traders to learn more about this fast-moving new area).
ICUK offers clients access to a GDPR-compliant database of just over 20,000 private investors and traders. These delegates and enquiries have given consent to receive information from third parties that ICUK deem appropriate, and are given the option to unsubscribe at every opportunity. You can build an email campaign consisting of a single email up to a regular series of communication, building a relationship and inviting them to contact your business directly.
Using a combination of live events, webinar activity, branding opportunities and digital marketing, ICUK offers a wide choice of marketing channels for clients seeking to communicate with active traders and investors in UK.
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