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Digital Marketing

ICUK offers clients access to a GDPR-compliant database of just over 23,000 private investors and traders.

These delegates and enquiries have given consent to receive information from third parties that ICUK deem appropriate, and are given the option to unsubscribe at every opportunity.
You can build an email campaign consisting of a single email up to a regular series of communication, building a relationship and inviting them to contact your business directly.

Many previous delegates to an event have given their permission to receive emails, via ICUK, from financial providers offering a relevant product and/or service. This is the ICUK database, numbering some 20,000 records currently and with new data added every week, through pre-registrations for the upcoming events in 2021.

A/B Testing
ICUK uses an email software provider that offers the ability to test subject lines, to guage effectiveness. This is referred to as an A/B test and works by sending the email, with each subject line to at least 20% of the database, gathering results on which one generates most opens, and then distributing the email to the remaining 60% with the winning subject line. We can choose time delay of 6 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours before sending the final 60%.

ICUK ask for creative and subject line(s) to be provided at least two working days in advance of agreed send date. The email is loaded and tested back to requested contacts for approval, prior to scheduling. 24 hours after send, ICUK will provide a complete Send Report, detailing number of emails sent, number opened (split between desktop and mobile) and number of clicks.

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